Training & Education

American Shooters provides multiple levels of firearm instruction for people of all ages. We aim to educate you on safety, situational awareness, accuracy, and speed. Whether you're new to the scene or looking to improve your shooting capabilities, we have classes to better educate you as a shooter.


We have classes for complete beginners to classes teaching the highest level of military and law enforcement operators utilizing the most recent and proven techniques. Firearm enthusiasts who want to expand their personal education and training will always find new and exciting classes available that will challenge them at every level.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California has the space necessary to host more training courses and even more gun range training and educational opportunities than ever before.

No matter who we're teaching, we focus first and foremost on the responsible gun ownership with training that starts with respect. This ensures that everyone treats weapons and related gear with the respect and care they deserve. This will not only ensure proper safety during use and storage, but also proper treatment and care.

  • Firearms/gear training that provide proper instruction, safety, and treatment
  • Classes for all levels; beginners to professionals
  • Training starts with respect
  • It's our team's job to graduate responsible, safe, and qualified firearms owners

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